Homework 1

due Tuesday, September 12th, 2006, 7:20 PM

at the beginning of class

Reading Assignment:


  1. (5 points) (Project Track Only) Choose TWO project topics you are potentially interested in.
    For each of these topics prepare a list of 10 most relevant references arranged in the logical top-down order starting from the most broad general picture, and ending with the detailed view of the problem to be solved.
    If possible each list should include at least one instance of each of the following types of references: book chapter, journal article, conference article, white paper, web site, ECE 646 project report from previous years, etc.
    Please use a format of references recommended by the IEEE LaTeX Guide for the Preparation of Papers for IEEE Transactions and Journals. Here are links to the Microsoft Word Template and Guide and to the LaTeX template for Unix or Windows.
    Please, submit printouts of your two lists. If you already work in a group your lists have to be proportional in length to the number of group members.

  2. (5 points) (All Tracks) Review the contents of the entire course web page, and choose or propose AT LEAST ONE area of the web site you would like to contribute to.
    The examples of pages you can design from scratch or significantly redesign include:

Please feel free to suggest and design any other cryptography-related web page that would be of interest to you and other students.

For Sep. 12 please submit a paper with your name, e-mail and which pages you want to update or newly create. From this I will compile a list of groups who then work on the updated or new pages together. The contribution must be proportional to the size of the group.

Submission of the updated pages is due Sept 26. Submit them via e-mail to cshu@gmu.edu using ECE646-HW1 as the subject and please name your file pagename_your_GMU_username.html (e.g. resources_psmith.html). Please submit your designs in the plain HTML format, with a white background. We will include them in the resource section at a later time.